All you need to know about the SSU election

So if you hadn’t realised, elections for the Swinburne Student Union are taking place this week. 3SSR has spoken to the candidates, researched the policies, and understood how the election is taking place to give you everything you need to know before heading to the polls.

Firstly, 3SSR is a completely independent student club, and neither we nor our election reporters endorse, financially support or volunteer for any ticket or candidate in this election. All the information here is completely non-partisan — so you can be the most informed.

How do I vote?

The easiest way is to vote in person. All currently enrolled Swinburne Students (Higher Education, TAFE, or Online) are eligible to vote — you just need to present your student card at a polling place. Check the following grid for times and locations at your campus.

CampusPolling BoothMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
HawthornAtrium10am – 4pm10am – 4pm12pm – 6pm10am – 4pm10am – 4pm
CrodyonCafeteria10am – 4pmNo voting10am – 4pmNo voting10am – 4pm
WantirnaCafeteriaNo voting10am – 4pmNo voting10am – 4pmNo voting

If you are “genuinely unable to attend a polling booth”, the Swinburne Student Union Constitution allows for you to request a postal ballot. To do this, you will need to contact the Returning Officer, Stephen Luntz, who has final discretion on whether to grant your postal ballot application.

Note: if you are a financial member of the Student Union (ie. you have paid for a Union membership this year), the Section 8(8) of the SSU Constitution reads: “it is a condition with the payment of membership that financial members must vote in annual elections“.

Who am I voting for?

Well, there’s a few groups connected to the Union who conduct their elections in line with the annual SSU ballot. For the Student’s Council, you’ll be voting for the following positions:

– President
– Education Officer
– Education Public Affairs Officer
– Health/Disability Representative
– Residence Representative
– Swinburne Online Representative
– Three (3) General Representatives

Fifteen positions on the SSU Council (General Secretary, Welfare Officer, Hawthorn Campus Chair, Postgraduate Representative, International Representative, TAFE Representative, Indigenous Representative, Queer Representative, Women’s Officer, People of Colour Representative, Environment & Sustainability Officer, Higher-Education Faculty Representatives, and Mature Age Representative) have been provisionally elected, as only one individual nominated for these positions.

In addition to the Students’ Council, you will also elect:

– Five (5) Representatives for the Hawthorn Campus Committee (Hawthorn campus only)
– Five (5) Representatives for the Swinburne International Students Association (SISA) Committee
– Five (5) Representatives for the Swinburne University Postgraduate Association (SUPA) Committee
– Four (4) editors for the SSU’s Swine Magazine
– Seven (7) delegates to the 2016 National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference


Who are the groups (tickets) contesting this election?

A ticket is a way to group nominations, similar to that of a political party. It makes it easier for you to research the policies of the major candidates.

This year there are two tickets contesting the election: Amplify, and EVOLVE. See below for a short snapshot of these tickets and their major policies.

For mobile devices, you can horizontally scroll within the tables below to view the information.

HistoryNew ticket for 2016. Amplify's President Candidate, Anthony Osborne, was elected under the Amplify and EVOLVE tickets in 2014 and 2015 respectively.Ticket used in 2015 Election, which elected the vast majority of the incumbent Union Council. Historically, the group has run under "Activate" and "Next" names.
Political IdeologyIndependent (not factionally aligned)Independent (not factionally aligned)

EVOLVE has been receiving campaign guidance from senior Unity figures
Social MediaFacebook PageFacebook Page
Major Policies
Union & Services– Better student engagement across the Union
– Development and implementation of a 5-year strategic plan for the Union
– Start discussions around combining the Union and SSAA
– New benefits for SSU Membership
– Make voting easier for online students
– Expand SSU Printing Service
– Grow the Union at the Croydon and Wantirna campuses
– Retain and expand existing Union services and collectives
– Implementation of phone charging stations across Swinburne
Swinburne– Introducing payment plans for International students
– Install Eduroam in student residences
– Conduct regular student forums
– Advocate for Swinburne provided supplies for arts and film students
– Improving studentHQ administration
– Investigating opening of a Postgraduate Lounge
– Advocate for students to access empty classrooms and labs
– Lobby for better lighting and security around campus
– Examine installing Eduroam within Student Residences
Education– Fighting for free education
– "Texts on HECS"
– Advocating for employment and industry-based course designs
– Fight against compulsory trimesters
– Pushing for more units to be available during Summer and Winter terms
– Develop a Counter-Course guide
– Greater academic support for students
– Push for all lectures to be recorded
– Advocate against fee increases or fee deregulation
Disability and Welfare– Undertake a disability audit of Swinburne and develop a plan of accessibility works to be undertaken
– Restart the Swinburne Disability Collective and provide an adequate and accessible space on campus
– Introduce pill testing kits on campus
– Better access to campus for people with disabilities
– Student campaigns on sexual assault
– Introduce pill testing kits (eg. for spiked drinks)
– Conduct self-defence workshops
Campus Life– Allowing clubs to affiliate with the Union
– Providing more events for International students
– Expand SSU Cafeteria to the Wantirna campus and look at SSU managed Catering at Hawthorn
– Grow Swinburne's multicultural community through more cultural events
– Introduce more market events on campus
– Explore 24/7 accessible coffee machines in the Library
Sustainability– Continue to advocate for a sustainable Swinburne
– Campaign for solar panels on ATC
– Promoting zero waste and recycling initiatives on campus


President Candidates

Each of the two major tickets (Amplify and EVOLVE) are fielding candidates for the SSU Presidency. Check out their profiles below.

NameAnthony Osborne (Amplify)Ana Tinc (EVOLVE)
StudyingBachelor of Business (Public Relations)Bachelor of Laws (Professional Writing)
Union ExperienceEducation Officer / Vice-President in 2015 and 2016Sustainability and Environment Officer in 2016
Other campus experience– FBL Representative on Faculty Students Consultative Committee
– Co-chair of Student Representative Council (SRC)
– Involved in various clubs
– Key participant on the Fossil Free Swinburne Campaign
Political Ideology / NUS FactionIndependentIndependent
More info...Interview with 3SSR RadioInterview with 3SSR Radio


Students’ Council Candidates

The following material has been sourced from Candidate and Ticket Facebook Pages, as well as individual Candidate Statements.

Education Officer

NameDavid Brodtmann (Amplify)Suzanne Walker (EVOLVE)
StudyingBachelor of Social Science (Psychology)PhD Engineering Education
Current Positions– FHAD representative on SSU Education Board
– Swinburne University Psychology Association (SUPA)
– Education (Academic Affairs) officer on Students' Council, 2015 and 2016.
More info...Facebook

Education (Public Affairs) Officer

NameAudrey-Lee Rizzato (Amplify)Xzavier Kelly (EVOLVE)
NUS Faction AffiliationIndependentNLS (National Labor Students)
Current Positions / ExperienceMember of Swinburne Education Action Network– Education (Public Affairs) Officer in 2016
– Convenor of Swinburne Education Action Network
More info...FacebookFacebook

Health and Disabilities Representative

NameBelinda Rogers (Amplify)Amy Gilderdale (EVOLVE)
StudyingBachelor of Arts (Politics & History)Bachelor of Social Science (Security & Counter Terrorism)

Patrick MacDonagh-Gonda (Independent) is also contesting the Health and Disabilities Representative position, although they have not submitted a Candidate Statement or contacted 3SSR.

Residence Representative

NameSteven Blacker (Amplify)Xander Spehar (EVOLVE)
StudyingBachelor of Media & CommunicationsUnknown
More info...FacebookCandidate Statements

General Representatives

NameDavid Brodtmann (Amplify)Joseph Cullinan (EVOLVE)Harry Wall (EVOLVE)Minura Gamage (EVOLVE)
StudyingSocial ScienceInformation SystemsDigital Media & Screen Studies
LinksFacebookFacebookFacebookCandidate Statements

The following individuals are Independently contesting a General Representative position, although none have submitted Candidate Statements or contacted 3SSR.

– Saravanakumaran (Independent)
– Patrick MacDonagh-Gonda (Independent)
– Keshinis Munaweera (Independent)


Committees and Associations

Hawthorn Campus Committee

Names– Joshua Briers
– Joseph Cullinan
– Samuel Roberts
– Akbar Syed
– Harry Wall
The following candidates for the HCC have independently nominated
– Keshini Munaweera
– Saravanakumaran
LinksEVOLVE Facebook Page
Candidate Statements

Swinburne International Students Association (SISA) Committee

Names– Adesh Shah
– Ankita Raut
– Parth Patel
– Reuben Charles
– Rishita
– Aashima Sondhi
– Ali Mazoori
– Faraz Haider
– Bharath Venkat Rajan
– Praveen Kumar Rajendran
– Keshini Munaweera
– Saravanakumaran
– Siddharth
– Krishna Adhikari
LinksFacebook Page
Candidate Statements
Facebook Page
Candidate Statements
Candidate Statements

Swinburne University Postgraduate Association (SUPA) Committee

Names– Anwika Kushalappa
– Bharath Venkat Rajan
– Basir Nisa Awan
– Praveen Kumar Rajendrran
– Sirisha Rajendra Raju
– Siddharth (Independent)
LinksEVOLVE Facebook Page
Candidate Statements


National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates

3SSR will update this table if additional photos or information on candidate’s political ideology and/or NUS Faction become known.

Candidate PhotoNameTicketNUS Faction / Political Alignment
atinc_evolve_150Ana TincEVOLVEIndependent
aosborne_amplify_150Anthony OsborneAmplifyIndependent
no_image_available_150Asha HintonN/AUnknown
arizzatto_amplify_300Audrey-Lee RizzatoAmplifyIndependent
bspackman-williams_evolve_150Brendan Spackman-WilliamsEvolveIndependent
cbruty_evolve_150Caitlin BrutyEVOLVEUnity
evolvelogo150Christopher JakobiEVOLVEIndependent
evolvelogo150Cody BradfordEVOLVEIndependent
evolvelogo150Fergus ClancyEVOLVEIndependent
amplifylogo150Jack PryceAmplifyUnknown
amplifylogo150Kevin PiqueAmplifyUnknown
no_image_available_150Qazi Syed ZaheeruddinN/AUnknown
amplifylogo150Richard BarrieAmplifyUnknown
sroberts_evolve_150Samuel RobertsEVOLVEIndependent
no_image_available_150Viktoria IvanovaN/ASocialist Alternative
wjoseph_ind_150Will JosephN/ALiberal
amplifylogo150William BroadbentAmplifyUnknown


Thanks for reading our election run-down. 3SSR will be here all throughout the week to give you the goss as voting commences. We’ll also be producing a Live Results Blog on our website Friday afternoon as the ballots are counted.

Disclaimer: Neither 3SSR Media nor our election reporters endorse or support (financially or otherwise) any candidate or ticket contesting in the 2016 SSU election.